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  • Colin Schmitt

CloudKoala Founder Colin Schmitt Explains Virtual Desktops For the Rest of Us

Updated: May 29, 2020

One of CloudKoala's most exciting products we are offering to new and existing clients can sometimes be one of the more difficult technologies to explain in a way that makes sense to a lot of non-technical folks.

Even the various terms the tech world uses to describe it can be confusing: VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure), DaaS (Desktop as a Service), Desktop Virtualization, Virtual Machines, the list goes on...

Tech Talk Alert! At CloudKoala we are offering what is referred to as host-based virtual machines.

Every user connects to an individual virtual machine that is hosted in our data center. The user will connect to his/her dedicated virtual machine every time, allowing for customization and personalization of that virtual machine (known as persistent desktop).

Okay, that's enough tech talk for now... In layman's terms, why do we love desktop virtualization and why should you be considering it for your business?

The benefits of moving to a hosted desktop are many and varied. I will briefly touch on what I consider the top 5 most important benefits to a small business.

Of course, please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions you might have, or better yet, if you’d like to see a demo of a virtual desktop. Call us at 704.444.0719 or email us at

1. Centralized Version Management, Customized for You

Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 8, (why?). Whatever flavor of Windows you require, we can host it as a virtual desktop. There are some organizations that require older operating systems to stay compatible with legacy applications. We have you covered.

Every virtual desktop is configured with the essential software: Microsoft Office 2016 Pro Plus, Adobe Acrobat Pro 12, AVG antivirus client, Java and Shockwave. Additional software can be installed on a per user basis. Any software that runs on your local desktop will run on your virtual desktop as well.

And perhaps one of the best features, we centrally manage software updates, software versions, and license compliancy for you.

2. Faster Disaster Recovery

Should something ever go wrong with a virtual desktop, like a bad software install or you accidentally delete some important system files for example, it's not the end of the world. We take several snapshots of the virtual desktop weekly. This means that we can very quickly, in about 60 seconds, restore your virtual desktop and have you back working fast. Try doing that with a corrupt or misbehaving local desktop, laptop, or tablet...

Along the same line, what happens if your desktop hardware or software renders your local machine inoperable? You would need to move to another machine, perhaps not configured for your use, i.e. your email is not set up, your personal settings and customization of your desktop will not be available. In contrast, your virtual desktop is accessible from any machine with an internet connection, instantly giving you your own personalized desktop from wherever you might be sitting and on whatever device is available to you.

3. Security, Security, Security!

When everything is hosted in a five-level physically secure data center, we can really discuss the benefits of centralization.

Our redundant data center, with redundant backup power via multiple UPSs and generators, clean agent fire suppression system, and multi-carrier loops via AT&T, Broadplex, Time Warner Cable, Level 3, Zayo and Windstream, makes sure your data remains highly available and secure.

4. Bring Your Own Device

More and more we are seeing organizations allowing users to bring their own devices into the work place. The virtual desktop can be accessed via a number of devices once the appropriate security certificate has been installed, usually approved by a manager or business owner prior to allowing access.

5. Simplified Hardware Management

Reducing the total cost of ownership of desktops and laptops remains a priority for all business owners. Managing and supporting traditional desktops and laptops can become complex, especially when working with different versions of software, antivirus clients, and operating systems. Virtualization makes it easier to centrally manage and support your organization's hardware and software, control user access, and perhaps most importantly of all, protect and secure the second most valuable asset of your business, your data. The first of course, being yourself and your employees.


While I feel I’ve barely touched on the benefits of virtualization, my hope is that you will now consider it a very viable option for your business.

If we didn’t seriously believe in the benefits of this product, I promise we would not be offering it as a CloudKoala service and be investing in the infrastructure to support virtualization.

Our best in class, 10Gbe network, and redundant hardware will assure the very best virtual desktop experience possible.

If you have questions about your current environment, give me a call at 704.293.8233 or email me at




Colin Schmitt is President and Founder of CloudKoala, a full-service IT solutions firm based in Charlotte, NC supporting small and midsize businesses across the US since 2002. For more information, visit or email

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