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Desktop Virtualization: The Ultimate Work from Anywhere Solution

Updated: May 29, 2020

In light of recent COVID-19 related events, many businesses are re-evaluating their IT infrastructure for security and flexibility in order to support a work-from-home posture. Now is the perfect time to learn more about what a Virtual Desktop is, how virtualization can benefit your business, and most importantly, how Virtual Desktops provide a secure work-from-anywhere solution for you and your employees.

As the work-from-home model has almost been forced upon us, organizations need to be sure their data and applications are protected and remain highly available to users and partners. Let's explore the benefits of desktop virtualization and how this secure, reliable solution can keep your business productive and protected.

What Is Desktop Virtualization?

VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) is a technology used to create a virtualized desktop environment on servers located in a secure, redundant data center. Virtual Desktops can be accessed from any authorized device, from anywhere with an internet connection, replicating a true desktop experience but with the benefits of being securely monitored and protected behind enterprise grade, redundant firewalls.

Let’s take a look at the five biggest benefits of VDI technology...

Benefit # 1: Accessibility

Perhaps one of the best features of VDI is the remote access. Virtual Desktops can be accessed easily at any time of day or night by authorized devices and users. Virtual Desktops can be made accessible from both company-owned or personal devices.

Benefit # 2: Security

When working on a traditional device such as a laptop, desktop, or tablet, your data and applications are stored locally. If that device suffers a hardware failure or is lost or stolen, your data can be accessed by unauthorized users. If that data wasn't backed up properly, it may not be able to be restored. Even after replacing or repairing the device, the installation, configuration, and customization of the operating system and applications will take time.

In contrast, Virtual Desktops are hosted in a remote, redundant data center. We back up your data twice daily to four geographically separated data centers. Data is encrypted at rest and in transit. Should your local device fail or go missing, you can quickly access your Virtual Desktop from any other device upon device authorization. You can be back up and running with your customized Virtual Desktop in seconds, not hours or even days.

Benefit # 3: Simplified IT Management

With Virtual Desktops, all software licensing, versioning and updates are managed for you. Every Virtual Desktop in your organization is patched and updated with security and feature updates to the same level. This means that every user has the exact same level of patching, at the operating system and application layer.

Benefit # 4: Ease of Use

Virtual Desktops provide a familiar Windows user interface that users are already comfortable with. There is no new software to install and therefore no learning curve.

Benefit # 5: It's Not VPN. It's Not Terminal Server.

VPN can be slow and requires a VPN client be installed and configured on the client device.

When you open a file stored on a corporate server using a VPN connection, that file is opened on the client device, moving the file to the client device (at least temporarily). It requires more bandwidth and exposes data to the client device.

Terminal Server is a shared environment and not a dedicated desktop experience. Applications are installed on a server and are shared amongst all users accessing the Terminal Server. If an application crashes for one user it more than likely effects every other user.

Virtual Desktop technology is different, so it isn't a bandwidth hog and application instances are unique to each user.

In Summary...

There is no doubt we’ll all be working from home more in the future. Cloud Koala is here to help your organization meet the demands and security requirements of the remote, work-from-anywhere workforce.

If you have questions about how Virtual Desktops compare to your current environment, give me a call at 704.293.8233 or email me at




Colin Schmitt is President and Founder of CloudKoala, a full-service IT solutions firm based in Charlotte, NC supporting small and midsize businesses across the US since 2002. For more information, visit or email



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