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About Us

Our story begins in 1992 when an Australian entrepreneur arrives in Los Angeles, CA with plans to live abroad for just 1 year with a contact his mother made in the cat breeding business. The crazy cat lady doesn’t show up at the airport, the Aussie ends up living in a tent, and he lands an IT job with a rapidly growing mortgage company to make ends meet.
As fate would have it, the Aussie works his way up in the IT world to management positions with various public and private companies and earns fancy IT certifications. He never ends up moving back home to Australia as originally planned.
But over time, the Aussie became frustrated. He repeatedly observed wasteful IT spending and duct-taped IT systems that cost companies time, money and opportunities. He knew that with his experience and personal dedication to smarter IT solutions, he could add more value to more businesses if he branched out on his own.
That Aussie’s name is Colin Schmitt and in 2002, he quit his VP job to start his own IT solutions business, which is now known as CloudKoala.
With advancements in the IT industry over the years, we shifted our focus from onsite infrastructure to hosted applications and virtual machines because of the many security and usability benefits of “the cloud".
Today, CloudKoala has grown to support clients in over 21 states across the US. Our proven virtualization platform empowers employee productivity, mitigates corporate data security risks and ultimately helps businesses to be more responsive to their clients.
Colin still oversees the day-to-day operations at CloudKoala, working with our talented team to continually improve systems performance to deliver an IT solution that businesses “don’t have to worry about.” We are now based in Charlotte, North Carolina and no, he never heard from the crazy cat breeder lady again.
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What's With The Name?

We are often asked about our company name and logo. 

The name CloudKoala represents:

1) our confidence in the power of cloud-hosted solutions to help your business reach its full potential, and

2) a cheeky nod to our founder's Australian heritage.

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"The security of our confidential client information is of the utmost importance. Being able to access our system from anywhere, and knowing it's secure, has allowed us to grow our client base with confidence and be responsive to our customers."
S. Dyl  |  President, Wealth Mangement Firm

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