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Frequently Asked Questions

CloudKoala's virtualization platform is the perfect balance of security
and usability for one price per user, per month.
  • How does cloud hosting work?
    Your data, software applications and mapped drives are migrated from your in-house server to the CloudKoala Hyper-V host server farm. Your information is now stored on high performance servers in a fully protected, redundant and physically secure Tier II data center environment. You no longer need your onsite server. To access your software programs and data that are now in the cloud, you’ll use the internet to log in to your dedicated virtual machine (also known as virtual desktop, desktop-as-a-service or VDI).
  • How do I access my data and programs?
    It’s simple. To log in, you simply double-click an icon on your local computer, enter your login credentials, and you are connected to your dedicated, Windows 10 virtual machine. The virtual machine looks and feels just like working on a local Windows computer, but all processing is performed by the virtual machine in the cloud. You’ll see your email, mapped drives, software programs and data just like how you see it now. There’s very little learning curve or training required. You can access your virtual machine from any work or personal computer.
  • Do I have to own the software you host?
    If you need CloudKoala to host a particular type of software, such as Quickbooks for example, then yes, you would own or lease the software and provide us the license key so we can install it on our servers.
  • Do you support dual monitors?
    Yes, you can can set your virtual machine to extend its display across two monitors. The virtual machine is easily minimized and maximized to show or hide your local desktop as desired.
  • How do I print from my virtual machine?
    Printing commands from the virtual machine are automatically redirected to any printers installed on your local computer, so you don’t have to set up anything new.
  • Is my data safe and secure?
    Yes, your data is stored on high performance hardware in a fully protected and industry compliant data center. Data is backed up to a geographically distinct data center using military-grade encryption.
  • Can I try it out first?
    Yes, we offer a free trial account. Get in touch with us to request access.

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J. Szempruch  |  Owner, Early Childhood Education Center

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