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How It Works

The technology behind virtualization is not new.

But with recent advancements in the field, virtualization is now more affordable and accessible than ever before.


Your Data & Applications Are Moved to The Cloud

You rely on a number of programs to run your business. For example, you may host Quickbooks onsite for bookkeeping. Or if you're a law firm, your staff may use real estate closing software installed on your server to prepare closing documents. 
Instead of self-hosting these programs on your in-house server, your applications are installed offsite on CloudKoala servers. Your software programs, data and shared drives are migrated to the cloud, and you no longer need your onsite server. 
Your information is now stored on high performance servers in a fully protected, redundant, and physically secure Tier II data center environment.
Almost any applications and data can be hosted and supported in the cloud.

Hyper-V Host Server Farm

Redundant servers are load-balanced and backed up nightly


Powerful firewalls for security and high availability


Meets industry standards for compliance

40Gbe fiber connectivity across multiple switches for fast, responsive performance







Work Desktop


Work Laptop


Home Laptop


Virtual Machine


You Access The Cloud With Virtual Machines

To access your software programs and data that are now in the server farm, you'll use the internet to log in to your virtual machine (also known as virtual desktop, desktop-as-a-service or VDI).

To log in, the user simply double-clicks an icon on their local computer, enters their login credentials, and is connected to their dedicated, host-based, Windows 10 Pro virtual machine. Each user has their own virtual machine, and access permissions are assigned by user.

The virtual machine looks and feels just like working on your local Windows computer, but all processing is performed by the virtual machine in the cloud. Your data, mapped drives and applications remain securely in the cloud, removing dependency on the local machine. Whether in or out of the office, the virtual machine delivers fast performance and a consistent experience.

The desktop icon used to access the user's virtual machine includes a security certificate which must be configured by CloudKoala, ensuring only approved access is granted. The shortcut can be installed on work devices, personal devices, and shared devices, enabling 24/7 access with a consistent and user-friendly experience from any computer.

Dedicated Virtual Machines

Windows 10 Pro virtual machine is familiar and easy to use


Can be accessed from any desktop or laptop (even a Mac)


Delivers a faster experience versus VPN (which is a bandwidth hog)

A consistent look and feel from any computer

High performance specs







Your Experience is Extended with Office 365

Microsoft's Office 365 is a subscription-based model for managing Office program licensing and email hosting. CloudKoala has partnered with Microsoft to deliver Office 365 to all of our virtualization platform clients.
We chose Office 365 because its cloud-based model complements our virtualization platform. We handle the email hosting and program licenses for you, so your business IT solution is completely hands-off and hassle free.
Whether you're already using Office 365 or are new to the model, we'll ensure your business is leveraging the full value of virtualization. 

Office 365 Partnership

Includes Office programs on up to 5 devices per user


Larger email mailbox storage


Ensures all staff are using the same version of Office programs, and it's always the latest version


Offers additional features & functionality versus traditional Office licenses 





Say Goodbye to Migration Worries

CloudKoala's experienced team has delivered
precision implementations since 2002. 
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"In the event of a catastrophe, we have a commitment to over 100 clients that our systems will be ready. This team has the complete and total trust of Management to keep us running and in compliance with our vendors. Thank you for going above and beyond our expectations."
H. Trent  |  Chief Financial Officer, Insurance Adjustment Firm

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