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Still Running Your Business From An In-House Server?

There's a better way. It's more secure, more accessible and more flexible. It's virtualization.

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Friendly Faces. Serious IT Solutions.

CloudKoala's virtualization platform combines the power of virtual machines, application hosting and cloud storage for frictionless IT that replaces your onsite server.

CloudKoala security benefits

Tighten Security and Compliance

Your applications and data are hosted in a physically secure, completely redundant and industry-compliant data center.

Minimize your risk of downtime and data loss


Meet compliance requirements without 3rd party add-on products


Eliminate the need for separate disaster recovery & continuity solutions






Enable 24/7 Access

from Any Device

Employees work on their Windows virtual machine in and out of the office, so their settings travel with them.

Familiar Windows 10 interface means no learning curve 


Keep productivity up during planned or unplanned office closures


Provide a better remote user experience versus VPN






Worry Less About IT "What Ifs"

Because you no longer need

a server onsite, your IT is fully managed and you only pay for the resources you use.

Easily scale up or down when you need to


Avoid large, unplanned capital outlays for hardware


We handle everything for you with responsive, US-based support






Customers in over 21 states run on CloudKoala
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Any Industry. Any Size. Any Location.

CloudKoala's virtualization platform delivers the perfect balance of security and usability.

We manage everything so you have zero hands-on responsibility and no more liability for onsite hardware

Become automatically more compliant with a built-in Business Continuity plan

Give your staff a smoother remote access experience, 24/7, from any device

Secure, reliable IT is the cornerstone of business success, but it can easily be overlooked and left to run itself.

In less time than it takes to enjoy a craft beer, ask yourself these 6 Important IT Questions to assess your current IT systems in relation to your business goals.

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