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PO Box 471493, Charlotte, NC 28247

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According to Technavio market research, the cloud-based virtual desktops market is predicted to grow 44% by the year 2020. With so many hardware and software solutions now available to businesses, why is growth so strong for desktops-as-a-service? Let’s review the 3 ke...

Accessing corporate resources remotely is nothing new. We’ve always wanted, and sometimes needed, to work remotely. Being able to work from home, when traveling, and dare I say even on vacation, allows businesses and employees to be productive from almost anywhere. Thi...

It can be a frustrating moment when your printer suddenly stops working for no apparent reason. You get your IT vendor on the phone, annoyed that no one in the office can print to a network printer. It was working yesterday morning but now every time anyone tries to pr...

As part of our ongoing investment to upgrade all of CloudKoala's servers and storage devices from 1Gbps to 10Gbps connectivity...

One of CloudKoala's most exciting products we are offering to new and existing clients can sometimes be one of the more difficult technologies to explain in a way that makes sense to a lot of non-technical folks. So, in layman's terms, why do we love desktop v...

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